It has been a pleasure for us to compile this wide selection of excellent Flemish paintings, completed during the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries by eminent masters.

This initiative, implemented by the Friends of the Old Masters of Flemish Painting, FOMP, aims to provide lovers of this art with a meeting place in which to share and exchange ideas:

Through the beautiful works contained in this Catalogue and Virtual Exhibition, you will be able to contemplate the evolution of Flemish painting and penetrate into past times: portraits, genre paintings, animals, scenes of battles and pillages, landscapes and architecture, all taking us back in history.

We are extremely grateful to the academics and historians who reviewed and attributed the different paintings: Ursula Härting, Klaus Ertz, Peter van den Brink and Aída Padrón Mérida (†).

Last but not least, a special mention goes to María and Pedro, who helped us to delve into and explore this exciting world. We hope you enjoy contemplating these marvellous paintings.