Isaac van Oosten

Antwerp 1613 - 1661

A Flemish landscape painter, son of an art dealer and brother of the artist Frans van Oosten, he was born in Antwerp in 1613. He was named master of the St Lucas Guild in 1652, at the age of 39. The influence of Jan Brueghel the Younger is evident in many of his paintings. We know very little of the life and work of this painter, for which reason many of his works have been confused with those of Brueghel; however, the drawings of his characters are less detailed and meticulous. He painted scenes of paradise such as Adam and Eve and the expulsion from paradise. His colours were predominantly ochre tones and grey-greens. He collaborated with artists like Pieter van Avont. He painted open landscapes animated by groups of trees and small lakes, spreading the light throughout the composition and achieving an excellent balance in his paintings, which gives them a charming appearance.

Landscape with Figures: 'Crossroads'

Landscape with Figures: “Crossroads”